About Us

Bonaventure House January 8, 2013. Photos by JasonSmith.com
     For 25 years Alexian Brothers Housing and Health Alliance has been serving people impacted by HIV/AIDS at our facilities, Bonaventure House in Chicago and The Harbor in Waukegan. 
     In the early days of the epidemic, Bonaventure House provided a place where people could come to die with some measure of dignity and love. As the disease evolved and treatments improved, Bonaventure House and The Harbor became places where people come not to die, but to live.
     Today Bonaventure House and The Harbor continue the Alexian Brothers’ tradition of caring for the poor, the sick and the vulnerable. In addition to having  a chronic disease including the HIV or AIDS diagnosis, the people we serve are homeless and struggle with a host of challenges including substance abuse and mental health issues.
     We serve our residents through a variety of innovative programs including case management, recovery services, occupational therapy, spiritual care and After Care. Our residents are courageous people who embrace the painful process of transformation that takes place at Bonaventure House and The Harbor. A high percentage of them leave our facilities after two years and go on to live stable and productive lives.
     Bettendorf Place, located in the South Chicago neighborhood on Chicago’s southeast side, offers permanent supportive housing. Like Bonaventure House and The Harbor, this facility provides supportive services. Boasting 35 studio apartments, community rooms, and the Caritas Center, a large group meeting room built with a generous donation from the Daughters of Charity, this new facility is a welcome addition to the Alexian Brothers Housing and Health Alliance.

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