Tips About Taking Your Medications


According to Health Daily News almost half of American adults infected with HIV don’t take medications that can prevent them from developing AIDS, a new government report shows. Adhering to taking your HIV medication properly is important. If you don’t this can mean that HIV has a chance to change and become resistant to the anti-HIV drugs you are taking. It might also mean that your HIV becomes resistant to anti-HIV drugs similar to the ones you are taking.

Taking your HIV drugs properly means:

  • Taking all the doses of your drugs. If you miss doses, this gives HIV a chance to become resistant.
  • Taking your doses at the right time. If you take your medicine too early or too late it can be as bad as missing doses completely.
  • Making sure you take your medicines in the right way. Some medicines need to be taken with food for them to work, but others need to be taken on an empty stomach. If you take your pills in the wrong way it can mean that you don’t absorb enough of them to fight HIV, risking resistance.
  • Making sure you don’t take other drugs or medicines that interfere with your body’s ability to process your HIV treatment. Always tell your HIV doctor about any other medicines you are taking. It’s also a good idea to tell your doctor about any recreational drugs you are taking

So, given this information I researched ways to help individuals take their medications. I stumbled upon this app called iDiary Meds.

The iDiary is a useful tool to help remind you to take your medicine on time. Once activated and set, a gentle reminder will be sent to you when it’s time to take your medication. You will be reminded of the drug and dosage on the days, and at the time you need to take them. You can add multiple medications and once you come off them you can archive them.
The app also has a reminder facility for your next hospital appointment. Put in your details and you will be reminded 24 hours before the appointment, then again 3 hours before and at the actual time.

We know that sometimes you might want to keep your medication a secret, so the reminder message is very discreet and there is also a pin code facility to ensure only you can activate the app.

Check it out!


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