Remembrance for Darrell Flowers

Darrell Flowers, who served on the maintenance team at Alexian Brothers Housing and Health Alliance, passed away two weeks ago, on April 23rd, 2014. Bridget Purdome, our Spiritual Care Coordinator, shares these words of remembrance.

“I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.”

Everyone who spoke to Darrell while he was out said exactly the same thing, “He told me that he’d be back!” Darrell loved Bonaventure House. In an interview with our development team, he said, “I love being around staff, residents and case workers every day; it keeps me grounded.” For Darrell, Bonaventure House was far more than a job – it was home; it was family.

Sadly for us, Darrell did not physically return here, but we can be comforted by knowing that he did return home. As John 14:1-4 indicates, God has prepared a place for Darrell.

And while I’m sure that Darrell is relaxing in his wonderful home, free from pain, it’s hard to envision him lounging around for long. I like to imagine him handling a few work orders for the Divine – fixing a light or two, applying a fresh coat of paint to make heaven even brighter, or making a set of keys for a new arrival.

Speaking of keys, Darrell was my “go to” person whenever I needed keys for new interns and volunteers. He was always eager to help, and he always did it with a smile.

Thinking back, perhaps Darrell was doing much more than handing me a set of keys. Through his actions and his attitude, Darrell was sharing some simple but profound keys to life that we can all benefit from: 1) Love what you do, no matter how big or small the task, 2) Do each activity with a smile and 3) Know that you are loved here at Bonaventure House; this is home; this is family.


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