Making connections count

This post was written by Theresa Majeski, our AmeriCorps/AIDS United AfterCare Program Coordinator.

apha 2013 logoI recently had the pleasure of attending the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in Boston earlier this month.  As a recent Master of Public Health graduate I wanted to attend the meeting to learn more about the amazing public health projects occurring both here in the United States as well as around the world.  I also wanted to attend the meeting to network with established public health professionals.  The talks I attended were very informative but the most useful part of the meeting for me was making those personal connections with people whom I only knew online.  I brought with me some networking cards with my picture and contact information on them and passed them out to those people whose current or previous work interested me.


This is the challenge of living in today’s online-driven world, making meaningful and lasting connections with people.  So I challenge everyone to take that leap and talk to someone whose work or hobbies interest you.  It is easy to get caught up in making online connections via LinkedIn and other social media platforms but combining those online connections with in-person connections makes those connections more powerful.  My networking at this meeting allowed me to become Co-Chair of the Global Health Connections Working Group. I can honestly say that without going out of my comfort zone and talking to people whom I had never met, this opportunity would not have happened for me.


So what connections are you going to make today?


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