ABAM VISTA and Staff Give Back to Support a Legacy

The parking lot was jam packed when ABAM VISTA members and staff pulled into the Highland Park Recreation Center on Monday, January 21st.  In honor of a day of community togetherness, North Shore School District 112 & the Highland Park Human Relations Commission Presented the 4th Annual Martin Luther King Day of Service.  The event was a means to consolidate hands on service projects that gave attention to some of the areas non-profit causes.

The event began at 10 am and started out with performances from Edgewood Middle School Chorus who sang songs of freedom.  Starting at 10:30 am, Aaron Freeman, radio commentator, comedian, and author had people laughing as he gave his interesting but comedic speech regarding his take on MLK Day.  After the performances, from 11 am-1 pm attendees strolled towards the gymnasium where an array of crafty service activities were set up, proving to be engaging for all ages.



Aaron Freeman, Comedian, Author, and radio commentator

The variety of activities offered included; Making dog toys for no-kill shelters, crafting paper flowers for hospital patients, assembling toiletry bags for veterans, decorating sandals for children in India, writing letters of inspiration and encouragement to children and soldiers across the globe, and much more.  See the full list of activities here.


A crowd gathers to construct Valentines for Soldiers overseas.

The organizations represented at the Day of Service gave out thorough information about what they do along with each activity.  The event gave a lot of insight to problems around the globe while showing ways to improve them.

DSC_0215ABAM VISTA members and staff participated in the Day of Service, wearing their bright yellow volunteer shirts proudly while they worked.  They fulfilled tasks from the other side of activity tables by aiding children piece together crafts, plopping filled toiletry bags into boxes and helping to clear the gymnasium as the event came to a close.

Overall, the event was an enjoyable way to get families out of the house for the holiday while representing what MLK really stands for.

Check out our Facebook page for a full gallery of photos!


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