Residents Bring Holiday Cheer to Bonaventure House Hallways


After numerous stops to Hobby Lobby and hours of cutting, folding, taping and gluing, residents from Bonaventure House produced an array of festive artwork for this year’s annual Door Decorating Contest.


Every year the residents at Bonaventure wrap up the year by using whatever creative means possible to decorate their door to be the brightest and the best.  The contest is a way to make things competitive and fun all while bringing some holiday cheer to the house. 

Ray Canjeas, Bonaventure’s House Occupational Therapist, was in charge of facilitating the contest this year.  “Please, nothing living this year.” Ray said while listing off the rules and regulations. The statement was a humorous reference to the previous year’s use of live tree branches, further evidence that resident’s truly do go all out with the activity.


Judging criteria was based on creativity, use of the theme and execution.  Prizes for the top three contenders included a grand prize of $100 gift card from Macy’s, $75 for second place and $50 for third.   The year’s theme was “Holiday Spirit” and was judged by outside unconnected sources.


Check out the winners below! For all the entries please visit our Facebook page here.

download (2)

First Place : Mix in a bit of cutting, folding and attention to detail and  you got yourself one festive 3D masterpiece.

download (1)


Second Place: Representing that lovely Skyline


Third Place:  Creative AND Resourceful


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