Celebrating ABAM’s Volunteers

As this week is Volunteer Appreciation Week, we would like to say “Thank You” to all of the volunteers, past and present, who have donated their time to the Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry. We benefit enormously from our diverse team of volunteers, who contribute to nearly every aspect of our program. Volunteers staff our front desk during weekday business hours, lead resident activities like Jewelry Making Class and tutor residents in subjects like nutrition, computer skills, and GED preparation. Volunteers have also been a huge help by providing administrative support to the staff in the organization’s various departments. In addition, our entire spiritual care team is led by dedicated and caring volunteers.

In total, the impact volunteers have on our program is huge. Last month alone volunteers contributed 280 hours to our organization, which has an estimated value of around $3,925. Just imagine how much talent and time is contributed over the course of a year!

Volunteers make such a big difference because they enable us to accomplish things that we would not otherwise have the time or resources to do. It is inspiring to have so many people who are willing to contribute their time and energy to our mission.  Thanks again to our volunteers; we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!


One thought on “Celebrating ABAM’s Volunteers

  1. As a past Director of Volunteer Resouces at ABMC I know the value of the volunteers help. Their dedication and willingness to help further the Alexian Brothers goals in caring for the ill.

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