Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is time to thank everyone who has made this year at Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry memorable and a success.

Volunteers are an integral part of Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House, The Harbor, and Bettendorf Place. As front desk volunteers, they are the face of Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry. They are a saving grace to staff with one too many tasks on their agendas. They lend their talents to tutoring residents in anything from computer skills to public speaking. You can find them on many weekend mornings cutting grass at The Harbor, painting the walls of Bettendorf Place, or scrubbing the kitchen at Bonaventure House. And they do it all out of the goodness in their hearts.

We owe many thanks to our supporters who help see us through these trying economic times. To those who give us donations big and small, from coffee for an event to bed linens for Bettendorf Place, we are greatly appreciative. Supporters attend our events, read our newsletter, lend a helping hand to a resident or staff member in a time of need, and so much more. No act goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry has welcomed many new staff members over the past year. The opening of Bettendorf Place has brought many new faces, all of whom bring with them fresh ideas and excitement. New collaboration are also welcomed and something to be thankful for, as Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry moves into a new phase in its tenure.

Lastly, thanks go to the people whom the Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry is here to serve. Residents give their all every day and bring freshness and energy into each of the three Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry facilities. They are the backbone of all we do. Their positivism and never-ending strength inspire us all to work harder in our lives.

Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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