Letters to Heroes

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. In memory of those who lost their lives in the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and United Flight 93, September 11th is nationally recognized as a day of mourning. Since that day ten years ago, thousands of men and women joined the military to serve overseas and have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. The residents, staff and volunteers at Bonaventure House wanted to take time to thank these brave men and women. We all spent some time writing letters of thanks and appreciation to the soldiers currently serving overseas.

Letters from Bonaventure House residents and staff.

AmeriCorps VISTA members Alan Druga and Sarah Caldwell organized the letter-writing. In honor of Patriot Day, as September 11th is now known, VISTA members were asked to participate in or organize service projects across the country. Alan and Sarah found Operation Gratitude and decided to invite the residents, staff and volunteers of Bonaventure House to write letters to the troops.

Operation Gratitude makes it easy for civilians to send letters and goods to the soldiers. The volunteers who staff Operation Gratitude will place our letters in care packages that will be sent overseas. Since it began operating in 2003, Operation Gratitude has sent over 650,000 care packages to our troops. The packages are stocked with food, entertainment items, and letters like ours. Hopefully, our letters of gratitude will let the troops know people back in the United States are thinking of them and that their dedication and sacrifices are not going unnoticed.

For more information about Operation Gratitude, visit their website at www.operationgratitude.com.


2 thoughts on “Letters to Heroes

    • Bonaventure House residents, staff and volunteers sent over thirty letters. Given everyone’s interest in writing the letters and quickness in turning them in to be mailed, it seemed like everyone found writing letters of gratitude to be a fulfilling experience.

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