Garden Party at The Harbor

Located in an old Victorian style house on a quiet street near downtown Waukegan, The Harbor looks and feels like home. Seven residents live at The Harbor, adding to the sense of family and warmth. On Saturday, August 20th, people from the Waukegan and Lake County community came to The Harbor for a celebration. The Garden Party, an annual event hosted at The Harbor, is an opportunity for community members and neighbors of The Harbor, as well as The Harbor residents, staff, volunteers and their families, to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in The Harbor’s beautiful back yard.

What started as a rainy, windy day turned into a gorgeous and sunny summer afternoon. Residents, staff, volunteers and their families came together to enjoy the unexpected pleasant weather. Delicious salads made by The Harbor residents and food grilled by a staff member and former resident of The Harbor added to the happy atmosphere.

This year, Garden Party attendees were treated to a performance by African drumming percussionists. The two percussionists, one of whom was from Guinea, brought with them dozens of handmade drums. After a short lesson, Garden Party guests joined in the drumming. Throughout the afternoon, everyone took turns sitting down with a drum to partake in the music. Everyone brought their own rhythm and style to the ensemble, and a fun time was had by all.


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