A Very ‘Blue’ Sunday Afternoon

This weekend, Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House residents, staff and volunteers were treated to a performance of the Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theater in Chicago. Blue Man Group generously donated tickets to Bonaventure House. We escaped the humidity of Sunday afternoon for the dark, cool atmosphere of the Briar Street Theater. A venue painted black with miles of plastic tubing and splashes of neon paint covering the walls and ceiling, the Briar Street Theater is full of things to look at. We settled into our seats at 4pm, taking in the sights and funky vibes of the theater.  What followed were two hours of paint, Twinkies, light shows, more paint, drumming (both on plastic tubing and trash cans), and a good dose of belly-aching laughter. Oh, and more paint.

One of our party was even brought up on stage! Alan Druga, AmeriCorps VISTA and Volunteer Coordinator here at Bonaventure House, was selected by the Blue Men themselves to participate in a longstanding tradition of Blue Man Group performances. Alan was led onstage, fitted with a white jumpsuit, given a large black motorcycle helmet to wear, and led offstage. From there the audience watched a film of Alan (it wasn’t actually Alan, but the audience didn’t know it) being splattered with blue paint, having his feet strapped together, being lifted feet-first into the air and slammed repeatedly into a blank canvas. This was all followed by being spray painted with neon pink paint. All this to create a painting! After being placed back on the ground, Alan (the real Alan) was brought back out onto the stage…in a small black box…with a jello mold on top of his head. The Blue Man Group never fails to impress, or show off its wackiness!

We all had a great time at the performance. “I had two favorite parts,” said John B. “The first was seeing one of our own Bonaventure House people up on stage. I thought that was awesome. My second favorite part was when they ‘TP-ed’ us. It was an excellent way to spend our Sunday.”

Another attendee saw the message behind the performance. “Most important beside their creative entertainment was the fact how our society is steady moving further and further away from being a community!”

Thank you, Blue Man Group, for generously inviting us to one of your amazing performances. We are grateful for your donation of tickets so that Bonaventure House could attend your show. We had a great time and are sure to talk about it for weeks to come!

For more information about the Blue Man Group, visit www.blueman.com.


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