Resident Writing: Life in Space

At Bonaventure House, residents are able to participate in a writing workshop with volunteers, Marisa and Alex. The writing workshop started with the basics- specifically the five paragraph essay.  While essay writing may seem tedious at first thought, Alex and Marisa wanted to show that essays can be just as creative as less formal writing formats.  Below is the essay Bobby, a Bonaventure House resident, wrote in response to the prompt “What do you think life in space would be like?  What types of housing, clothing, and food would there be?”  Marisa and Alex point out that Bobby’s essay demonstrates the necessary points of a five-paragraph essay combined with vivid description and imagination that keeps readers engaged.

Maybe one day people will live in outer space. Today it’s not possible but what if one day, in the near future it were? What would life be like for space colonists? Imagine if living in space, within a large community or space colony was akin to living in a giant shopping mall, where people wore vibrant, colorful clothing and ate at outdoor food courts which served only healthy junk food.

One of the biggest differences from life on earth might be housing, especially for someone who is accustomed to having their own backyard or a few acres of woods to wander about. Houses would be stacked one on top another like condominiums or storefronts found in a giant shopping mall. On the lower levels would be shops and galleries and at the ground level, the promenade or mall would resemble wide boulevards, but without the cars or noise pollution associated with big cities on earth. These promenades would be public gardens with winding walkways and plenty of alcoves for people to linger.

Clothing would be comfortable and light because the mall would be climate controlled. At night it would be a little cooler so costumes could be more elaborate. With no oceans to reflect the sun’s light and create blue skies, and without the blazing hues of orange, red, pink and violet that come with the rising and setting of the sun, people would compensate for the lack of color in space with the colorful clothing they wore. They would reflect all the colors of the rainbow in their dress from head to toe and adopt a Feng Shui type guide to the art of color.

With many advances in science making it possible for people to live in space, one of the best advances will be the creation of healthy junk food. As technology was able to make fast food healthy, food courts will be social gathering places making the dinner hour a social event every evening having the grand pageantry of an Easter parade at a watering hole on the Serengeti.

These floating space stations, able to traverse the solar system like lumbering cruise liners moving from planet to planet, could dock for a time in a planets orbit before moving on to the next as if it were visiting an isle in the south pacific. Space colonists would work hard, some during the day, some at night but all would work together to make their communities habitable. Success would be celebrated in the way colonists dress, by the way they take pride in their houses and communities, and through the ability to enjoy decadent guilt free food that tastes good and is good for you. Everyone would enjoy all the luxuries life in space would offer.


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