South Side Construction Has Begun!

As you may have heard, Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry is in the process of converting a convent on the South Side of Chicago into permanent housing units for men and women with HIV/AIDS.  Though it has been a long time coming, we are pleased to announce that we have closed on the property and construction has begun!

Funding for the project, which has a budget of around $4.5 million, has been rerouted to a tax credit provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or the “Stimulus Bill.”  The project will create a number of local jobs.  Also, we have received two additional grants for Green Building Initiatives that we plan to incorporate, including low emission paint and tiles, and high efficiency lighting, furnace, and elevator.  The whole project should take about twelve months to complete, so we are hoping to have a Grand Opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in the fall of 2011.

At the end of its total gut rehab, this facility will have 23 studio apartments plus common meeting spaces, offices for counseling and support staff, and laundry facilities.  It will provide permanent housing for men and women who have disabilities and are homeless or at risk for homelessness.  In addition to the community of support that comes from living side-by-side with peers, this facility will provide on-site Case Management and Recovery Services as well as access to Spiritual Care and Occupational Therapy for its residents.

All in all, we are very excited to begin working in Chicago’s South Side community and to expand our permanent supportive housing services.  Look for more updates on construction in posts to come!


3 thoughts on “South Side Construction Has Begun!

  1. I’m exteremly excited about this project.I’m a supportive case manager in the south suburbs with South Suburban Hiv and Aids Regional Coalition (SSHARC) we don’t have any housing out here in the south suburbs.The southside of chicago would be the closest a client will be able to find any resources.Please let’s continue to stay commited to this Pandemic.

  2. I’m very happy learning about this in progress project in my neighborhood.Currently, I’m a BA Psychology Major-Community concentration at DePaul. My passion is to work with the HIV/AIDS programs.I have viewd the beginnings of the project, it looks gorgeous.

    I hope this project will be an opportunity for me and and many others interested in the ministry to give services to the people.

    I pray that the project gets completed as planned successfully.

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