All Things Occupational Therapy

One of the key components of our transitional living program is occupational therapy. The primary goal of OT is to help residents participate in everyday life activities. Our OT department uses group and individual sessions to help residents. Our OT staff has been creative in how to support residents, through group sessions such as square dancing lessons.

Recently, our current occupational therapist, Brad Egan, and our former occupational therapist, Marisa Joseph, received accolades in their field. Brad and Marisa published an article in the September issue of  The American Occupational Therapy Association’s Mental Health Quarterly. This article is entitled, “Using Pierce’s Seven Phases of the Design Process to Understand the Meaning of Feeling ‘Boxed In’: A Community-Based Group.” The article describes how creativity and a design process was used to develop an occupation-based group, the square-dancing group at Bonaventure House.  They write:

“This article describes how a square dancing group evolved conceptually at a recovery home for chronically homeless persons with HIV/AIDS….it appears that a carefully designed square-dancing group served as one way to increase the specificity with which participants could describe their boxed-in lives.”

In addition to this publication, last July, Brad Egan also received the Beatrice D Wade Award for Clinical Education. This award from UIC is given to fieldwork supervisors who are nominated by graduating students.  It honors the excellence of Brad’s support, teaching and supervision of students.

We are grateful and proud of the accomplishments of the staff of Bonaventure House. The excellence recognized by their field will continue to benefit and improve the lives of our residents.


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