The Importance of Volunteers

We recently celebrated National Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 19-25) to thank the many people who help us every year.  Volunteers at Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry help the organization and residents in numerous ways.  Our front desk reception is managed by volunteers Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. to ensure the safety of the facilities and the residents.  Volunteers also contribute with administrative assistance, IT and media support, tutoring, mentoring, kitchen help and maintenance – plus our entire spiritual care department is run by volunteers.  The services and skills volunteers provide to Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry are indispensible; without them former residents like Sheila would not be able to say “I really feel like Bonaventure House has led me to the place where I can succeed on my own.”

Just how much do volunteers matter?  In 2009 ABAM had…

157 volunteers who worked

4,713.23 hours for a total

$58,459.88 contribution to the mission of Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry

So thank you to each and every volunteer that has stepped through ABAM’s doors in the last 21 years!

Erika Espinosa is the Volunteer Coordinator at Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry.  Her job is to recruit volunteers to carry out the mission of ABAM in a variety of different capacities.


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