Turning a day off into a day on

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a great activist who fought against the racial inequalities in America.  This man spent his life serving our country and attempting to stop the wars America fights against its own people.  He fought for brotherhood and sisterhood: union in a country where these ideas are possible.  He was a leader and a hero who knew that if we worked together to fight the issues of discrimination and poverty, we would one day be a united nation.

Dr. King’s message was received; however these issues of discrimination and inequalities still exist in our nation today.  In honor of Dr. King, and his fight for the rights of equality for all citizens of the United States of America, there is a national holiday in his name one day in January of every year.  Though Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a federal holiday, people around the national have taken the message Dr. King to heart by making it not a day off but a day on, volunteering to serve their nation and its people.

Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House took Martin Luther King Day 2010 as a day on, and asked people to look at the impact they could make in the community in just one day.  Bonaventure House set up a Donation Drive of toiletries for our residents.  Volunteers offered their time to stand outside of Walgreens collecting donations and going door to door in the Lakeview community asking neighbors to donate their spare toiletries.

Group photo of volunteers

The day was successful thanks to the generosity of the community.  Big contributions from our volunteers and willing community members helped to provide many people with the basic necessities they need.  If each of us could help to do this one day every year, we could begin to carry out the message of Dr. King and bring equality and union to our great nation.

Erika Espinosa is the Volunteer Coordinator at Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry.  Her job is to recruit volunteers to carry out the mission of ABAM in a variety of different capacities.


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