Dare to Dream Big

My name is Bill Abitong.  I am presently residing at Bonaventure House, located at 825 West Wellington Avenue.  I always had a dream of one day becoming an author of my own book.  I truly believe that if we just trust and believe and turn it over to God (our Higher Power), everything is possible.  On October 19th, 2009, I authored my first book entitled It’s Like Life’s Mirror: If You Can See Things Clearly You Can Change Anything.  My book is about my tumultuous victory overcoming the horrors of living on the streets while being totally addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex.  I overcame all addictions–drugs, alcohol, and sex–because of my strong will and determination to make profound and drastic changes after six years of a dark, addictive lifestyle.

bill-book-coverRead my book to find out how you too can overcome these addictions no matter what obstacles or trial and tribulations come your way.  This book is truly life-changing, enhancing, and is truly an excellent book for any addict who is struggling to overcome all their addictions once and for all.  This book shows that it is possible to overcome anything if you are willing, open-minded, believing and trusting.  If you would like to read my book in its entirety, you can purchase or download it at http://tinyurl.com/yfsvlny.

Also, I will donate 50% of all funds generated from the sales of the book back to Bonaventure House.  I do this to show my gratitude and appreciation for the unconditional assistance that I have received and continue to receive throughout this two year transitional/sober living program.

Bill Abitong
Resident of Bonaventure House
set4life08 at gmail.com

P.S.  I truly encourage new residents and residents of either Bonaventure House or the Harbor to seriously “Hold fast to their dreams because if your dreams die–life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly!”  So proceed on with what your dream in life is no matter what.  Just allow the God within you to show its magic by simply surrendering it all to the God of your understanding. Just trust and believe that your dream will come true, and you will be very amazed at the results.


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